The Happy Hara
The happy Hara - a method of attracting harmony and happiness into you life

The Happy Hara

How To Attract Harmony and Happiness Into Your Life

Have you ever looked at a Yoga teacher or Reiki healer and thought – “Wow how do they always look so serene and yet happy at the same time?”

Well, it’s pretty much a by-product of when you spend time helping energy to flow through your meridians and indulging in meditation.

Working with your Hara energy centre is one of my favourite methods of bringing harmony and happiness into my life!


A Hara is an energy centre or sphere that exist within our subtle bodies.  There are 3 main haras that work with connecting us with our true intention.  In other words, our true nature, and our true reason for existing right here, right now.

They allow us to create awareness of our real goals, or our original intention, and the awareness of the means for realizing our intention in material reality.

They are derived from sound, more specifically, one note.   The lower hara comes from the same harmonic sound as that of the earth’s core, giving us the ability to physically manifest in the same way that Mother Earth has physically manifested.


Apart from a physical body, we are constructed of three levels of subtle bodies:

  1. Level of human energy field (aura and chakras)
  2. Level of intention (hara level)
  3. Core star level

Surrounding our physical body is our aura.  An energetic egg-shaped dome that surrounds us.  The aura is made up of seven individual fields that contain the different vibrational mental and emotional patterns that helps us to connect to our spiritual world.

Within our physical body, we have 7 chakra energy centres.  These act as a centre of communication between our auric and physical fields. They are connected by meridians, or energetic lines.

At a deeper dimensional level, we have our hara system, contained within our second level –  The Level Of Intention.

According to Humanity Healing: “Chakras connect energy within the body and haras connect our subtle energy bodies to the divine” 


The word “Hara” literally means stomach, or abdomen but from an energetic point of view the hara is referred to as the “Source of Life.” It refers to the quality of having strength, energy and focused power within. 

When people speak about the Hara, it is most commonly the Lower Hara located in the abdomen that is being referred to, but there are two other haras, namely the middle and upper hara, located in the heart and the head.  

By linking and balancing all three haras helps to create unity and balance.  It allows you to live in divine accordance with your life’s purpose. You will feel healthy and understand your personal power. 

You will feel more connected to your personal purpose because you will be aligned with universal consciousness.  You begin to experience more days that remain “in the flow” and you’ll find it easier to attract what you want into your life.

By focusing selfishly only on “me” and “I” where everything is always about you, then you become a prisoner in the “I” world. A victim that exists in a lonely and miserable world without depth. 

But if you take your awareness into the hara, you become aware of so much more, something larger than just the “I” and you begin to participate in something more profound, your true form.

       “It is the great error of Western philosophers that they always regard the human body intellectually, from the outside, as though it were not indissolubly a part of the active self” – Sato Tsuji (Japanese Philosopher)


Even though there are 3 centres, they have a back and front side to them which each play a different role. The front of the hara centres focus on accumulating energy to use for various functions (for example, giving a healing) and the back of the hara focus on focus on accumulating energy for correct perception (for example, where to heal)

When your haras are in alignment and harmony, they are connected along a strong golden light called a hara line.  This line goes from below your toes (earthly point), all the way up through to the head and out (heavenly point).

The hara line is the axis that holds all the atoms and molecules of our physical body together and allows us to connect in with our pure original intention.

Every time we discover the pure original intention which lies behind our actions, our mental states or situations we find ourselves in, we are connecting our consciousness with our hara line. 

To be aware of our original intention, our hara line has to be straight and unbroken, and firmly connected to the centre of the Earth.

The Lower Hara (3 finger widths below the navel)

Font: This energy centre is like a building block for all other haras and is the source of Original energy.  Physically and energetically our lower hara is the centre from which all movement originates, it is the centre of gravity within the body.

When we digest life experience, absorb meaning and respond to the events of our lives, it is from the Lower Hara, our source of inner strength and compassion. Essentially, it is through listening to our belly (gut) that we know what we want and need and have the drive to go for it.

“To contact our essential inner being through the hara means to practise Mushin – that is to empty our hearts and our heads, and clear an empty space in our souls, to allow genuinely new impulses and intuitions to enter our souls and germinate within us.” Peter Willberg

Many people suffering from depression, IBS, stress and other forms of digestion issues often have a destabilised lower hara.  They do not allow the events of their life to be digested and to take meaning from it, instead choosing to be victims of life, and often hide from their true selves, their true desires and true values.

Back: This centre concerns the way humans perceive themselves as people and physical beings. The basic characteristics of this centre are awareness of ourselves, our inner states and our actions.

The Middle Hara (middle of the chest)

Front: This energy centre gives us the spiritual longings that lead us through life.  When someone feels stuck, unsure of what they want in life now or in the future, when they have an attitude of “I don’t care”, or “I want to give up”, when life feels “boring and meaningless”, it can indicate a stagnant or blocked middle hara.  It is through this centre that you learn your life’s processes.  

Back: This is the centre of our perception of the external world and from here we can choose our reality. By focussing on accumulating energy here, helps us to become more fluid in our thinking.  This in turn helps us to change our perception of the world or situation at will. We become aware that we are the ones that create our external circumstances. 

The Upper Hara (middle of the head, above third eye location)

Front: This is the energy connected with your higher being.  This centre can help you to feel connected to all that is and helps you to see beyond the immediate.  

If this hara is functioning properly you are aware of your spiritual path, your teachers and guides It also allows for the development of extra-sensory perception.

Back: the accumulation of energy here allows us to perceive ourselves in our true form. We are aware at each moment of the original intention of our existence as a spiritual being embodied in matter. This allows for us to know what action we are taking, when we are taking it, and why we are performing this action.  It is the definition of living right now, in the present moment in full awareness.


There are many meditations that strengthen, balance and harmonise your haras.  You need to repeat the same meditation daily for a while to really connect to and understand your hara. In our Meditation In Motion Class we spend a lot of time focusing on strengthening and stabilising your hara centres.

But for now, first focus on the physical body which is governed by the Lower Hara. Then you focus on thinking, guiding, and teaching which is governed by your Upper Hara. Lastly you focus on love, on unity and on compassion for others, governed by your Middle Hara. 

Ancient healers found that by breathing into and out of these centres with intent and visualisation, not only produced healing, but also gave a sense of healing. 

Hara Meditation

Please make sure you are in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed before beginning this meditation

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