The Happy Hara

How To Attract Harmony and Happiness Into Your Life With Your Haras

Have you ever looked at a Yoga teacher or Reiki healer and thought – “Wow how do they always look so serene and yet happy at the same time?”

To feel happy and harmonious, you need to understand how our body, mind and spirit are interconnected.  A gentle continuum of each other that is so much more together than its individual parts.

Take your hand for example.  It’s a beautiful piece of anatomy and has the capability of doing so many things.  Tasks and chores we take for granted everyday are made possible by having a hand.  It can sort laundry, cook, do dishes, greet someone.  And yet it can only do these things because it is a part of a working whole.  Detach your hand from your body and your mind – what can it really do?

Our bodies are important, but they are a part of the whole – body, mind and spirit are the 3 integrated components that need to interconnect be to whole. 

Learning to be happy requires a combination of good physical health, happy thoughts/emotions and a strong connection to your spirit.

Finding harmony and balance is not as unachievable as you think.

As a spiritual being, we are love, we are compassion.  As a human being we forget, allow ego to take over and live in and with fear and anger.  

We are going to look at how to connect inwards and discover your divine blueprint so you can live in peace, harmony and love.

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What Are Your Haras?

A Hara is an energy centre or sphere that exist within our subtle bodies.  There are 3 main haras that work with connecting us with our true intention.  In other words, our true nature, and our true reason for existing right here, right now.

They allow us to create awareness of our real goals, or our original intent.

The lower hara – located in your abdomen (just below your belly button). This is the energy you are born with, the energy that is the essence of your life and which gives you your life’s purpose. This original energy is not only the energy you receive from your parents when you are conceived, but most importantly is the energy connection between you and the universal life force.  The more it flows, the more the body benefits. 

When your lower hara energy is strong your immune system is strong. You have the guts to take action and your manifestation power is strong, you are charming and magnetic in personality.  You feel grounded and connected.

The Middle Hara – located in the heart (middle of chest).  This energy is connected with your emotions.  It is “human energy connected to human experience.”  It is a healthy, loving, compassionate energy and brings all these qualities into our lives.  When this hara is strong you feel safe and secure.  You feel serene. Through this centre you will learn your life’s processes, spiritual mission and lessons. 

The Upper Hara – located within the upper brain (third eye area). This is the energy connected with your higher being, the wisdom energy.  When you are connected to this centre you are creative and intuitive. You may see colours or have psychic abilities. It is the GPS inside your head that tells you where your spirit wants you to be and helps you to make better choices and decisions.

When your haras are in alignment and in harmony, they are connected along a strong golden line called a hara line.  This line goes from below your toes (earthly point), all the way up through to the head and out (heavenly point).

To be aware of our original intention, our hara line has to be straight and unbroken, and firmly connected to the centre of the Earth.

“To contact our essential inner being through the hara means to practise Mushin – that is to empty our hearts and our heads, and clear an empty space in our souls, to allow genuinely new impulses and intuitions to enter our souls and germinate within us.” Peter Willberg

How Haras Connect Us to Our Divineness

The world was created by sound.  More specifically, by one note. The opening line in a New Scientist article reads “Sound waves that rang out in the early universe sculpted its structure.”

And from “The early universe rang with the sound of countless cosmic bells, which filled the primordial darkness with ripples like the surface of a pond pounded by stones. The wave fronts later served as spawning grounds for galaxies”

Human Beings are micro organisms based on the macro organism of our world.  As our world was created from sound, we know that we too are developed from sound.  The same one note that created our universe, is responsible for allowing human life form to develop.

From that sound we develop our hara energetic system – the system that connects our divine body with our physical body.  Your physical body cannot come into fruition without the foundations the haras provide.

How The Haras Work

Our haras act as pools or reservoirs of energy,  they store vital universal energy or Qi within that we constantly draw upon throughout our lives.  If our stores become depleted, we feel run down, tired, grumpy and stressed.  It is like the oil in a lamp: if the oil is depleted, the life-force energy, the fire, becomes dim and weak.

To access this stored energy we have a beautiful system to move this energy through our physical, mental and emotional systems.

1 – Our haras store our vital life giving energy.  

2 – Our chakras help to move that energy from our haras into our meridian system.

3 – Our meridian channels then transports the energy throughout our whole system.

If we had to liken this process to a more familiar physical one we could say:

“It’s a bit like oxygen (life giving energy) is stored in our blood (haras).  In order for the oxygen to be dispersed throughout our body, we need our heart (chakras) to pump blood through our arteries (meridians) which then takes oxygen filled blood to our whole body.”

During our every day life, we begin to draw on our reservoirs stored within our haras.  The lower these levels become the quicker we age, the faster we get sick, and the quicker our bodies begin to break down.  Mentally we find it harder to think, we loose our creativity, we become more prone to anger and resentment.  Spiritually we loose sense of who we really are, our divine reason for being here right now. We begin to see ourselves as victims and stop accepting responsibility for our actions.  We loose our sense of personal power.

Filling up our hara energy reserves is as essential as breathing!

“To fill up our blood with fresh oxygen, we need to breathe.  To fill up our haras we need to practise Mushin, that is, we need to empty our hearts and heads and clear a space within our souls” – Sylvia

Finding Vitality and Harmony by Connecting With Our Haras

As much as it would be great to go to the gym once a year and get super strong, fit, healthy and slim, unfortunately this is not really the case.  

Persistence is key.  

There are many meditations that strengthen, balance and harmonise your haras.  You need to repeat the same meditation daily for a while to really connect to and understand your hara. In our Meditation In Motion Class we spend a lot of time focusing on strengthening and stabilising your harms.

Hara Meditation

Another method is to start meditating on your haras.

To bring about a sense of peace, harmony and vitality, I suggest repeating this meditation daily for 28 days:

Please make sure you are in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed before beginning this meditation. Please enjoy.