How to De-Stress Even When You Have a Million things To Do.

Here’s how this savvy business manager overcame stress to totally transform her career.

Martha, a human resource manager, is a high achiever who worked in a fast paced environment. 

Every day at work she was bombarded by deadlines, reports that needed to be compiled, endless client and staff meetings and KPI’s to meet.  

It seemed her team of 10 staff members not only needed her coaching professionally, but they always seemed to bring their personal issues to work, resulting in under-performance and under-achievement.

When Martha got home at night, she was exhausted. Trying to be a mum to a busy 13 year old girl took all her remaining energy and even though she knew her relationship with her husband was suffering, Martha was too tired to do anything about it. There were times Martha and John barely said 2 words to each other in an entire day. Martha started putting on weight, and suffering from daily headaches.  

She had racing thoughts constantly keeping her awake at night and she was beginning to feel very self conscious, lonely and worthless.

With sleep becoming more difficult, she found she was becoming more irritable both at home and at work.

It was a late Friday afternoon when Martha got called into a work meeting with her boss.  He was concerned about her performance of late and essentially told her to pull her socks up or else…

That weekend she went home filled with worry.  With her husband just having started his own business, money was tight and his income was very unpredictable.  Over the weekend Martha starting experiencing chest pains and dry mouth, and had difficulty in swallowing.  She started becoming concerned she may even be having a stroke but a visit to the doctors office ruled that out.  Nope, it was all down to STRESS!

She knew if something didn’t change and soon, the fallout would not be good.

She was risking loosing her job, her marriage and a decent relationship with her daughter.  

Without knowing what to do or how to make the changes, Martha needed help but didn’t know where to turn.  But the universe has some strange ways of giving you exactly what you need, when you need it.  Without Martha realising it, the universe had heard her plea for help and set things in motion.

Physical affects of stress on the human body
Mental affects of Stress
Energetic Effects of Stress

“According to  frequent or chronic stress will make your heart work too hard for too long.

When Martha went to visit her aunt, who had recently been in hospital,   Aunty Joan gave Martha a snippet of advice  – a technique that she herself had been taught by a Japanese monk many years ago when she had been travelling around Japan.  This one amazing technique ended up completely changing Martha’s life- and you’ll be completely dumb-struck when you find out how simple this is.

How To Overcome Stress

So what did she tell Martha that helped her change her life.  What was the one technique that allowed Martha to gain more energy and more productivity?

What was it that allowed Martha to start communicating with her husband John again, overnight?  

How did Martha suddenly make more time for her daughter and strengthen her relationship into a beautiful loving and communicative one.  

It’s a simple process called a Kaizen Journal.

Within one week of Martha implementing a Kaizen Journal in her life, she became more focussed, more creative and more adaptable to meeting the challenges of her day. Martha became better at delegating work to her team, which resulted in her being able to meet more of her KPI’s and deadlines. 

Her boss not only took notice, but rewarded Martha with a pay rise and a promotion.

And that’s not all, within one month she noticed she had started sleeping better at night, started making better food choices and started walking more.  Martha lost 8kgs and hasn’t looked back since!

I’m going to share this amazing technique with you, because it is in your divine birthright to be happy, healthy and abundant. 

Based on an ancient Japanese technique, a Kaizen Journal allows you to connect with your true inner nature, the true reason you chose to incarnate into this lifetime in the first place.  

Your Kaizen Journal will help you to become more focussed in your life.

If you are ready to let go of your stress, create some amazing changes in your life and fall in love with you, I welcome you to begin your own Kaizen Journal and watch the changes unfold!

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