Stressed At Work?

Using Feng Shui Dowsing to help create a  light, happy and successful atmosphere throughout your workplace.

The other day I walked into a cafe to grab a drink.  The two employees behind the counter bickered the whole time I was there.  Not only was this a bit awkward for me as a customer to witness, but it was obvious that both these people were really unhappy and stressed at work.  

All the other staff were doing their best to stay far away from the counter and not once in the entire 15 minutes I was there did I see a single employee or customer smile.

Running a business is hard and stressful enough without worrying about a negative and depressing environment to be in all day long.  It is mentally, emotionally and physically draining, not to mention, really bad for business.

The energy of your business is not just created by your products/service and your marketing, it is also created by the thoughts and emotions of you, the owner, your staff and your customers.

  • So how do you keep the atmosphere at work light and cheerful?
  • How do you bring more abundance energy flowing into and through your business?
  • How do you keep everyone’s mindset focussed on success, not failure?

The answer…Feng Shui Dowsing.

Dowsing is not just about finding water.  It’s about finding the stagnant or discordant energies within your own energy fields and clearing them.  It’s also about tapping into the environmental energies around you and working with them to ensure you are positively impacted.

Feng Shui Dowsing

Combined with the art of Feng Shui (the placement of objects to create balance and harmony in the natural environment), businesses can greatly benefit from clearing stagnant energies to help abundant energy to flow into your business and attract more customers. 

It can also help determine your Qi or energetic yin/yang balance.  Typically business with too much yin struggle with marketing and sales, and often find they have less customers making purchases.

Businesses with too much yang often have disruptive customers, or customers that don’t pay.  In the cafe we looked at earlier, the fighting between staff was a clear indication this business had too much yang energy present in the business and could really use some energetic balance.

Dowsing – isn’t that just water divining?

Yes, but it is so much more than that. 

According to (

noun: dowsing

1 a technique for searching for underground water, minerals, ley lines, or anything invisible, by observing the motion of a pointer (traditionally a forked stick, now often paired bent wires) or the changes in direction of a pendulum, supposedly in response to unseen influences.

Within the context of Feng Shui Dowsing, we are clearing our energetic fields that surround us, and tapping into the environmental energies that influence us.

When you do Feng Shui Dowsing, it is common to use a pendulum which is simply a tool to help you tap into the unseen energies around us.  It is a method to help you to connect to the divine that is a part of us all.

I believe that everything around us is energy, even the thoughts and belief patterns we have about ourselves, the question is, are these energies light, supportive, loving and healing, or are they heavy, dense slow or even stagnant energies?

It has become widely recognised that our business success is affected, in part, by our feelings.  It is sadly not uncommon for businesses to fail if the owners go through life-changing moments such as the death of a loved one.

If we have negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, resentment or sadness a blockage is created in our energy fields.  But if you can clear these negative energies, then you become, lighter, clearer and you will find things happen more smoothly in your life and your business.  

“Dowsing is an amazingly powerful methodology for clearing stagnant, and detrimental energies from us, as well as a means to tap into the environmental energies that constantly surround us.” – Sylvia

A typical example of how energy can affect us, is one that many can relate to.  Money. If you have very negative belief systems around money, then you will find your abundance field is slow, stagnant and full of obstacles.  By clearing your abundance field regularly, you clear the stagnation, allowing movement in this field to occur.  And in simple terms, this means the opportunity for more money to flow into your life!

Does this really work?

In 1932, Dr Harold Saxon Burr published studies using a volt-meter to show measurements of energy fields.  Specifically he believed he could measure energy fields around living organisms like people.  He called this electro-magnetic field the “L-Field” and believed that changes in the L-Field could reveal physical and mental conditions before they actually developed. 

Using his volt meter, Burr studied the effects of the L-field of trees over a long period of time.  He found that there were changes in the electro-magnetic field of trees that correlated to changes in phases of the moon, sunspot activities and thunderstorms.  When he began working with people, he found he could chart and predict ovulation cycles in women, locate internal scar tissue, and diagnose potential ailments.  

One of Burr’s students went on to show changes in the L-Field had a direct impact on a person’s mental and emotional state and most intriguingly he showed the L-Field disappears before physical death.

How to create balance and harmony

According to Burr, man is made up of 4 parts that each need to be balanced for there to be complete harmony and health.

  • Our thoughts – what we think – relate to our blood and skin
  • Our feelings – our emotions – relate to our lungs, glands, heart 
  • Our will – the choices we make- relate to our nervous system, limbs, metabolic systems.
  • Physical body – all the above 3 must be balanced for the self (spirit) to flow through us so we can enjoy health mentally, physically and spiritually.

Furthermore, scientists have found that there is an electromagnetic hertz resonance of 8.73 which is a pre-requisite to all life, both planetary and human.  If no life exists and you take a space and add an electromagnetic resonance of 8.73 hertz, life can actually begin to form. 

This resonance is essential to life.  At present wi-fi technology (internet, mobile phones etc) have 5 million phone towers around the planet, all emitting a different frequency to 8.73 hertz resulting in many anomalies  – dying bee populations, certain bird and butterfly  species are dying out or have become extinct, and many of these occurrences are now being attributed to this change in electromagnetic frequencies.  

It also affects humans, sometimes though the effects are not known for as much as 10 years, but once exposed, the negative side-effects can be long lasting. Symptoms include headaches, body aches, vertigo, fertility levels, motor-neurone disease, cancer and autism.

By working with Feng Shui Dowsing we are able to harmonise the environment within which your business operates and get rid of those stressed out feelings.  We can help create a  light, happy and successful atmosphere throughout your workplace that is conducive to a beautiful working environment for everyone.