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Hi, I’m Sylvia Lane and I love helping busy people calm their chaos. Are you ready to breathe and let go with me?

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About Meditations In Motion

Hey Soul Voyager,

I’m a life-long learner that quickly realised when you try to conquer the world in one day – you burn out!

There is only so much learning, so much doing and so much stress you can handle at one time.

So I started embracing the ‘Laneway’ (the middle path named after yours truly…me Sylvia Lane😂)

The ‘Laneway’ is about letting go of expectations, guilt and stress and embracing the calm whilst you grow your business.

I used to run a beauty salon. I spent my days taking care of everyone else, making sure they were pampered and well cared for. 

I went all out to ensure every client left feeling relaxed and blissed out. 

And the rest of the time I spent on running my business, taking care of the administration, staff training, marketing, bills and everything in-between.

I got a natural high on learning new techniques, methodologies, and technology. But it was the implementation, the being able to see something in action that has always made me tick. I think this played a large part in becoming a therapist.

I would learn about skin – and then do facials helping people with their skin.

I would learn energy work – and then do reiki to help heal someone.

I would learn about Pinterest – and then get to play around with Pinterest (for work of course).

Unfortunately, all that learning, implementing, doing and taking care of my clients came at a cost to me .

I got burnt out.

My health went down the tubes and I knew I needed to make a change.

Fast forward 5 years, and here I am. Living life, happy and following the middle path of balance.

Allow me to teach you the same healing techniques I have learnt to calm my chaos and get rid of stress.

Hara Harmony – A short course in relaxation and re-ignition

A Hara is an energy centre or sphere that exists within our subtle bodies.  They help us to connect to our soul’s true intent, our true goals.  In other words, they help us to achieve what we came here to do with passion and purpose

Reiki course

Learn how to do Reiki on yourself so you too can find peace and balance within your life. Learn Reiki techniques and meditations, learn about your hara energy system and learn hand on healing techniques to help others

What Others are Saying
“Simple but very effective practices that help you centre yourself and allow healing to begin.
An exceptional system that allows you to go beyond your own limitations and become a better version of yourself. Highly recommend for those that need guidance in a very safe place” – Kylie (Hara Harmony Program)


Calm Your Chaos with Meditation - Your free guide on how to de-stress & ignite your inner light with only 1% effort every day

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Creating Peace

The *1% better every day formula:

-proven method for reducing stress and becoming healthier

*How to use the 1% formula to work with your hara energy centres

*And So Much More...

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