What is Reiki?

Reiki is a method of drawing concentrated life force energy and radiating it.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key), is a Japanese word made up of two syllables: Rei & Ki.

Rei  – Spiritual wisdom, mysterious power, essence.

Ki –  (Chi in Chinese) Vital life force, light.

Previously these 2 kanji have been translated as “Universal Energy” in the West. This is a translation of the 2nd Kanji “ki” only. “ki” is the energy of everything including heaven, earth and the universe.

It is essentially a system of healing that transforms and heals the body, mind and soul.

It represents a matrix of non-dualistic energy that permeates all things.  Reiki reaches all levels of existence and strives to bring these differing levels into balance. To help you picture it, think of a free flowing river. This beautiful river is like energy flowing easily down through the body. Occasionally a pebble, or a rock, will fall into that river making the flow of water a little more difficult. These pebbles are human worries, fears, anger etc, and each pebble builds on top of each other.

Eventually there is only a trickle of water running in that once beautiful free-flowing river.

It is the same with energy in the human body.

During Reiki, the pure flow of energy is re-aligned within the body. It washes down, clearing obstructions and strengthening the flow of energy. This signifies a connection to the understanding of one’s purpose on earth and the easiest, most successful way of achieving it.

Reiki is the spiritual medicine for all illness!

The Usui Reiki Method to change your mind and body for the better.

For today only:

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be humble

Be true to you

Be compassionate to yourself and others

In the morning and at night,with hands held in prayer,

Think this in your mind, chant this with your mouth.

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