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I love helping people relax, and after having run my own business I know how important it is to set boundaries and let go. Here you will find inspiration, tips, ideas and insights gained from my experience helping people to relax.

And as a qualified Relaxation therapist, Reiki teacher and practitioner, Dowsing, Qigong and Feng Shui practitioner… you are in good hands!

daily meditation ritual for busy people
Meditation: Daily meditation ritual for busy people.
My favourite stress relieving meditations for busy people.
Reiki healing
Reiki is a healing AND a personal development system. It is about connecting to your divine source, the all-knowing part of you that allows for balance, harmony and peace.
Happy Hara
The Happy Hara
A Hara is an energy centre that exists within our subtle bodies and works to connect us with our true intention.
Compassion and why it matters
Compassion is what connects us as human beings. It’s what enables us to learn from situations and takes us on a journey to a place of hope for the future.
Home Day Retreat
5 Benefits Of A Home Retreat Day
When you need to seek a moment of serenity in a hectic life, a home retreat day can be the perfect solution to calm your chaos and find your inner bliss – all from the comfort of your own home!
5 tips to cultivate the art of happiness
The Art Of Happiness
Happiness is a topic that has been around for a very long time. After all, in order to experience the best possible life we need to be able to make the most of the good times – but also to cope effectively with the inevitable bad times.
moving verse stillness meditation, which one is better?
How to Do Meditation if You have the Attention Span of a Monkey
By combining still and moving forms of meditation will provide you with greater vitality and a sense of deep inner calm that keeps you stress-free and full of energy. This creates the inner balance and harmony that lead to longevity and a deep sense of purpose in life.
How meditating on your hara energy centres can help your business
Grow Your Business With Soul
When Christopher Hawkins, business entrepreneur, first began his company, he desperately needed a sales person but couldn’t afford one, until he did this…
Reiki Treatment with Sylvia Lane
Reiki Treatment


A short course in developing happy and healthy haras
Hara Harmony


Face Reading
Face Reading Online