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"At a time when society encourages us to continually keep busy, plan our day down to the last second, we have no time to just be. But our body and our soul requires some downtime, moments to just be. I have found some of my post peaceful and most beautiful moments come from just sitting in silence. And from there I can take my insight, clarity and light out into the world" - Sylvia

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DIY Skincare

A DIY Oatmeal Face Mask that is good for your skin and good for your over-all wellbeing. Using natural ingredients you already have at home.

Compassion and why it matters

Compassion is what connects us as human beings. It’s what enables us to learn from situations and takes us on a journey to a place of hope for the future.

Happy Hara

A Hara is an energy centre that exists within our subtle bodies and works with connecting us with our true intention.

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Join us on a chaos calming, serenity seeking journey!

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Join us on a serenity seeking journey

I promise to only send the good stuff!

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New Courses

Guided meditations

Lots of fun tips & advice

Special Promos

Basically, all you're interested in! 

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