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Hi, I’m Sylvia Lane and I love helping busy professionals calm their chaos. Are you ready to breathe and let go with me?

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Hi Soul Voyagers,

Reduce Your Stress By Learning How To Calm Your Chaos whilst building your business!

“Our body and our soul requires some moments to just be. I have found some of my post peaceful and most beautiful moments come from just sitting in silence. And from there I can take my insight, clarity and light out into the world” – Sylvia

I’ve worked for large organisations, small organisations, run a side-hustle and have owned my own business. The biggest thing I have learnt – it’s easy to loose sight of your personal boundaries, to become immersed in “to-do” lists, deadlines, targets and KPI’s. Without a conscious effort to manage your stress, things can go on a negative spiral pretty quickly affecting your work, creativity, relationships and your health.

I can teach you to walk the middle road – to maintain balance in all areas of your life.

If you are looking to holistically reduce your stress and find more balance within your life, working with your Haras is the missing key you have been searching for.

By working with your haras you can learn to:

  • Recognise your body’s early warning stress signs 
  • Balance your emotions
  • Balance your thoughts
  • Balance your body
  • Transform negative thoughts and behaviours into positive ones
  • Calm your thoughts and increase your creativity
  • Increase your intuition and ability to make the “right” decisions in your business

I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt and created a step-by-step Hara Program with clear, concise instructions to help you empower yourself to achieve harmony and balance within your own life. Based on tried and true techniques passed down through healing traditions, you can now learn how to listen to your inner voice and become the legend, not the victim, in your life.

We all have a choice. You can choose harmony and balance, you can choose to experience more days that flow. You can choose to feel more centred and relaxed. You can choose to stop and smell the roses along the way.

Or, you can choose to keep doing what you have been doing, and keep getting the same results.

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