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Reduce Your Stress By Learning How To Calm Your Chaos and Find Your Inner Bliss!

Meditations in Motion helps you to reduce your stress and discover more of you!

"At a time when society encourages us to continually keep busy, plan our day down to the last second, we have no time to just be. But our body and our soul requires some downtime, moments to just be. I have found some of my post peaceful and most beautiful moments come from just sitting in silence. And from there I can take my insight, clarity and light out into the world" - Sylvia

Working with my Hara energy centres has brought me to a place where I can wake up everyday feeling happy and content. A place where when life throws me lemons, I can use many tried and true techniques to calm my chaos and get back into my state of zen pretty quickly - and make plenty of lemonade to enjoy.

I’ve learnt to control my negative mindsets (well most of the time, that one is still a little bit of a journey for me), I’ve healed my myself on many levels, and enjoyed learning to really listen to and balance my body. Through working with my haras I’ve curbed my monkey mind when meditating - so I can actually benefit from my meditation and not sit there feeling frustrated that I could not still my mind. I’ve learnt to recognise energy traps stopping me from moving forward, and how to release them. I’ve taken control of my life.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt and created a step-by-step Hara Program with clear, concise instructions to help you empower yourself to achieve harmony and balance within your own life. Based on tried and true techniques passed down through healing traditions, you can now learn how to listen to your inner voice and become the legend in your life.

Working with your Haras is the missing key you have been searching for. But I believe we all have a choice. You can choose harmony and balance, you can choose to experience more days that flow. You can choose to feel more centred and relaxed. You can choose to stop and smell the roses along the way.

Or, you can choose to keep doing what you have been doing, you can choose to run around like a headless chicken constantly trying to catch your breath.

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