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Growing your business whilst keeping your sanity.

Tips, tutorials, and inspiration to help you grow your business, combined with stress relief techniques and energy clearings to keep your business going strong.

What's the point in working hard to grow your business only to end up burnt out, exhausted and even potentially ill. Here we dive in how to grow your business but still set personal boundaries. I help you to work with the universe to allow energies to flow freely into your business.

Chaos calming techniques from Meditation, Reiki and Qigong to keep you calm and focused along with Dowsing and Feng Shui to keep your energies clear and flowing.

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Learn to Grow Your Business With Reiki
Grow Your Business With Reiki
To grow your business, you need to grow as a person.  One of my business coaches once told me that there are 2 things that will skyrocket personal growth: Having children and having a business.  Reiki is a beautiful tool to help you grow as a person, gives you greater clarity around the direction you […]
How meditating on your hara energy centres can help your business
Grow Your Business With Soul
When Christopher Hawkins, business entrepreneur, first began his company, he desperately needed a sales person but couldn’t afford one, until he did this…
10 Key things Every Holistic Service Provider Should Know
Live Your Passion And Make Money
Many people who have a skill or a passion, decide to turn it into a business. They love the thought of working doing something they love all day but then the reality of running a business kicks in.
How to De-stress even if you have a million things to do
How to De-Stress Even When You Have a Million things To Do.
How to Destress Even When You Have a Million things To Do. Here’s how this savvy business manager overcame lethargy & stress to totally transform her career.
Dowsing for health
Stressed At Work?
Dowsing is an amazingly powerful methodology for clearing stagnant, and detrimental energies from us, and the energetic fields that make up our being, as well as a means to tap into the environmental energies that constantly surround us.
Quiz: What’s Your Leadership Style?
Take the quiz to find out your dominant leadership style based on the 5 elements of water, fire, earth, metal and wood.
7 Ways to Use Feng Shui in Your Home Office.
Feng Shui is the ancient art of balancing and harmonising the energies of your environment. With a strong focus on the five elements of water, metal, fire, wood and earth, Feng Shui creates vibrancy and abundance whilst helping to clear negative blockages and stagnant energies.