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Reiki Treatment with Sylvia Lane – an online healing session personalised to your particular needs with Reiki, Qigong and meditation, done either by telephone or as an online meeting.

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Book in for a Reiki Treatment for healing and happiness.

When energy flows, stagnation or blockages become irrelevant and so healing begins.

The goal of Reiki, especially when combined with medical Qi Gong is to correct bio-energetic imbalances and blockages in the body that accumulate throughout our lifetime. These include poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, injuries, surgery, toxic influences, suppression of emotions and aging.

Reiki helps us to resolve issues and emotions within ourselves. Unresolved emotional factors play an important role in the potential for developing disease. Extra anger could do harm to the liver, increased happiness may be bad for the heart, too much fear could hurt the kidney, and increased sadness could impair the lungs. Reiki healers have been well aware of the relationships between the mind and body for centuries. Reiki may help access frozen and unresolved issues that are stored in your bodily tissues. Working with and releasing unresolved emotions are considered critical to the success of the treatment.

How it works:

**Please contact Sylvia to make a booking.

Once you have made a booking, you can pay for the session online prior to the appointment time.  A link will be provided to you (no software downloads needed, just an internet connection).  Please ensure you have turned on your camera and microphone.  We will have a quick discussion about the healing and then I will commence the healing based on your needs. The healing may include meditation, reiki, pellowah, energy dowsing, tapping (EFT), coaching, qigong  – whatever we feel will suit.

All healings will include a guided meditation during the session.

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