Qi Gong Classes

A chaotic mind can challenge even the most dedicated meditator to find stillness.

Come relax in an hour-long

 Meditation in Motion  class where you will be able to calm your chaos.  

Classes held weekly on Monday nights, excluding public holidays

Meditation in Motion

Meditation in Motion classes with Sylvia are designed to help you relax & let go.

The class is based on a variety of gentle Qi Gong movements that areco-ordinated with breath & visualisation to increase health & happiness.

Your mind will become settled as your body becomes relaxed. As we then move into the seated meditation part of the class, you will be able to go deeply into a state of stillness and relaxation.

Take your meditation to a whole new level!!


Qigong is the ancient art of longevity that has existed for over 6000 years.  It consists primarily of meditation, relaxation, physical movement, mind-body integration and breathing exercises. 

Qi (pronounced Chi) is the energy or life force of the human body that travels through energetic pathways (meridians) of the body and connects to the life force of the universe.  It has also been translated as vital energy, or the breath of life. 

Qong is a term that describes the work that is needed to achieve a skill.  Gong can also be translated as training, mastery or self-discipline.  In other words, Qi gong is the mastery of the life force traveling through our body that connects us to our universal life source energy.   

When we have a blockage of Qi, or the pathway is disturbed, this can cause sickness (both physical and emotional) and eventually shortness of life. Qigong is a conscious practice where each individual takes personal responsibility to balance and harmonize their vital energy โ€“ reducing stress, increasing health and vitality as well as developing spiritual perception and awareness. Qigong literally is working with the energy of life.

When we practise Mediation in Motion, we combine qigong, meditation and spiritual awareness.

Come Meditate…

Each class begins with a gentle Qi Gong session suitable for all fitness levels. After integrating movement with the breath and visualisation we finish the class with a seated meditation. Chairs provided.


Monday Nights.


(excluding Public Holidays )

***PLEASE NOTE: ALL CLASSES HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. Please come join us online instead


Moonah Room

Grovedale Community Hub

45 Heyers Rd, Grovedale

(enter from rear carpark, turn left down 1st corridor, we are in the end room on the left).


$10 per class

What to bring

Bring some water and wear loose comfortable clothing. You may also want to bring something warm to put on during the meditation.

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